Supervision of compliance with EU hygiene regulations (hygiene package)

The hygiene package concerns five EC regulations with regard to food hygiene. The NCAE as a department of the COKZ has taken over the activities within the framework of the EU hygiene package (and animal by-products) from the CPE as from 1 July 2012. The NCAE, as a department of the COKZ, has been appointed by the authorities as the enforcement body for the hygiene package and animal by-products for eggs and egg products.

The supervision is related to the following groups of companies:

• Laying hen poultry farms (egg products)
• Collectors
• Packing station
• Egg product manufacturers and traders

Drawn-up assessment lists for laying hen poultry farms and egg product manufacturers are used during the audits. The hygiene package is elaborated in a hygiene code for collectors and packing stations.

Relevant downloads:

> Register egg product manufacturers and egg traders as of 2019-05-09-2019 (Dutch)
> Register Packingstations as of 2019-05-09 (Dutch)
> Register further egg processing (peeling and boiling) as of 2019-05-09 (Dutch)