Egg pre-certification

When a company needs a health certificate from the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) for the export of consumption eggs and egg products to third countries that includes declarations with regard to public health, laboratory investigations and the origin of the product and/or raw materials, this can be issued by the NVWA based on a pre-certificate of the NCAE.

The NCAE only has the authority of issuing declarations with regard to:

• Public health aspects (for example, heat treatments, hygienic working methods and storage)
• The origin of the product and/or the raw materials (for example, eggs coming from Dutch hen laying companies)
• Performed laboratory investigations (for example, with regard to salmonella and radioactivity)

For information about the procedure for the certification of consumption eggs please refer to the Procedure for certification of consumption eggs and egg products used by the NCAE (DPEAH-04). See on the right under Relevant Downloads.

Please contact us for more information with regard to the pre-certification of eggs and requesting egg pre-certification.