Animals Enforcement Act (trading standards)

As a department of the COKZ, the NCAE performs, audits and enforces compliance with national and European regulations (trading standards) for the Dutch and European authorities and the business community. This audit focuses on different end products.

The COKZ/NCAE has been appointed to carry out audits on trading standards related to eggs and poultry meat through the Animals Act. The trading standards are including in Regulation EU no. 1308/2013 and are elaborated in Regulations EC no. 543/2008 (poultry meat) and no. 589/2008 (eggs).

The monitoring in the egg sector with regard to compliance with the regulations related to the trading regulations is performed by the following companies:

• Laying hen poultry farms (egg products)
• Collectors
• Packing stations
• Wholesalers
• Egg product manufacturers

Drawn up assessment lists for laying hen poultry farms, collectors, packing stations, wholesalers and egg product manufacturers are used during the inspections.

Relevant Downloads:
> Regulation (EC) no. 543/2008: can be downloaded by using:
> Regulation (EC) no. 589/2008 can be downloaded by using: